just a boy

Stop travelling to my heart,

If you keep racing there, you will find nothing but a dead-end and empty space.

You’re so dedicated in making me love you,

So meticulous in pushing me to fall for you,

So good at pushing me to insanity…

You’re a Holy Mecca

The temple of a great spirit

One might end up worshiping your ways

And I’ve just realized the great extent of that blasphemy.

I’ve graduated from that pain

Easily promoted myself to bigger things

And you’re’ still there, shying away from your feelings

With every beat of that rejection,

You’re holding on to the love that you never gave

But I want you to know-

I just needed time to think

That perhaps we were never in sync,

And quite honestly, our hearts don’t beat on the frequency.

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This blog is for anyone that feels like they can’t be their self . Wether you’re dealing with relationship problems or you are having difficulties with your best friend or you can’t focus with your school work . Trust me I know what it feels like I’m a teen myself I deal with all those problems .